Marlboro Filter Black

$ 55,06

Full-flavor kretek cigarettes from Marlboro, Marlboro Black Filter offers an awesomely rich flavor blend, which becomes the most distinctive feature between it and cigarettes.

Moreover, it also distinguishes itself from its competitors within the full-flavor kretek cigarette market with its excellent harshness-smoothness balance.

As a Black variant, it attempts to remain bold and harsh when delivering its flavors.

Thanks to its unique Air Flow Filter, the cigarette will continue to be smooth without sacrificing its bold and delicious flavors.

Package: 1 Cartoon (10 Packs of 20 (total 200))

Smokers looking for a cigarette with a strong trait of masculinity and elegance often find Marlboro their best choice. Although its flavor is something that is perpetually debatable between Marlboro’s fans and traditional smokers preferring more conservative flavor blends.

The quality of Marlboro cigarettes as the most highlighted cigarettes in terms of masculinity and elegance is almost unanimously accepted.

Marlboro Black Filter is an exclusive cigarette made for smokers looking for the best full-flavor machine-made kretek cigarette with low tar content, elegant look, and bold and harsh flavor that remains smooth when relished.

There are indeed not many cigarettes that offer low tar content under 30 mg, but the competition remains strong and this is something that Phillip Morris International has to face when releasing this cigarette. They successfully prevail by offering some exclusive features that only Marlboro can have.

Made by PT. HM. Sampoerna (Philip Morris Indonesia)

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Weight ,6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 11 × 5 cm


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